Gelato is Italian ice cream.

Food & Beverage

It has roughly half the fat of the American version of ice cream…

Artisan Italian Gelato


Italian Flavors

Made of sugar, cream, milk and flavored with fruit purees and nuts, our Italian flavors are known for their intense flavors and smooth texture.

Sweet & Savory

From the traditional favorites like strawberry and vanilla to the most unexpected like goat cheese or avocado, our ice creams have a unique taste that you can’t find anywhere else.


With its bold flavors and bright colors, our sorbert ice cream flavors can be a perfect addition to any light snack or summer celebration. Our sorbets are made of sugar syrup, infused with juice or other flavorings like lime or mint.

Gelato/Ice Cream/Sorbets

Our Story

Bravo Gelato, Inc. is owned by Christie Hauck. While vacationing in Italy with his family, Christie fell in love with Italian gelato. He began consulting with a world-renowned gelato maker and in 2003 Bravo Gelato was born.

Here at Bravo Gelato, we take an artisan approach to every batch we make. We use local ingredients whenever possible, including Hatcher buttermilk, Olive & Sinclair chocolates, Ed Johnson honey, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and Yazoo beers. We offer a wide variety of flavors from traditional Italian to modern fusion.

Gelato is Italian

ice cream.

*We Use Local Fruit As Much As Possible

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We’re located in Nashville, Tennessee

Gelato/Ice Cream/Sorbets

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Different flavors of taste


Different flavors of taste


Different flavors of taste